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Medical Condition

The CannaKeys 360° Medical Condition Search is the landing page where you can access those conditions for which there are degrees of scientific evidence that inform us if cannabis is posited to work for a particular disease.

Each condition listed is a live link to its corresponding dashboards. So once the page opens, you’ll have at your fingertips the state of the science and its broader context for you to make more informed and discerning decisions to optimize patient outcomes.

Cannabis Research Dashboard for Medical Condition

Dashboard & Filter

  • Research dashboard presents the total number of studies with study types, the clinical/preclinical breakdown, a strength of science for the condition and cannabis chemotypes, and charts with overview information such as countries where the studies were done and the phyto-cannabinoid chemotypes the research examined.
  • Summary of the cannabis research that provides the current status of the efficacy of cannabinoid therapies for the condition searched.
  • Dashboard filter allows users to filter the search results by seven different data categories including study type, cannabinoid, and therapeutic result of the study’s findings.
Primary Cannabis Study for Medical Condition

The Studies

  • Comprehensive and curated list of studies for the medical condition searched.
  • Primary studies that directly examine the condition in question.
  • Related studies that explore related symptoms or conditions.
  • Filter studies by Type of Study, Therapeutic Effect, and various data points and study components.
Cannabis Medical Condition Overview

Condition Summary

  • Summary for the condition including: overview description, symptoms, synonyms for the condition
  • Associated ICD-10 codes and ranges based on the databank’s approach to categorizing the health conditions.
Drug Interactions for THC & CBD

Drug Interactions & Dosing

  • Drug interactions information for cannabis in general
  • Dosing considerations provide a framework for understanding dosing definitions and ranges

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User Guide

Comprehensive guide to Cannakeys endocannabinoid research searches.

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