The Influence Of Cannabinoids On Generic Traits Of Neurodegeneration

Key Findings:  Pharmacological modulation of the eCB system ( Figure 3) has been shown to reduce chronic activation of the neuroinflammatory response, aid in Ca2+ homeostasis, reduce oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and the resulting proapoptotic cascade, while promoting neurotrophic support.

Type of Study:  Meta-analysis

Study Result:  Positive

Cannabinoids Studied:  Cannabidiol (CBD), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), SR-x Synthetic Cannabinoids, Anandamide (AEA), 2-Arachidonoyl Glycerol (2-AG)

Phytocannabinoid Source:  Not Applicable

Form of Administration:  Not Applicable

Receptors Studied:  CB1, CB2

Ligands Studied:  Glutamate

Study Location(s):  Ireland

Year of Pub:  2014

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