Cannabidiol and Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Children

Key Findings:  There is strong evidence that treatment with cannabinoids, specifically cannabidiol, is safe and well-tolerated for many of the common symptoms affecting children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Type of Study:  Meta-analysis

Study Result:  Positive

Study Location(s):  Australia, Italy

Year of Pub:  2021

Cannabinoids Studied:  Cannabidiol (CBD), Anandamide (AEA), Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH), 2-Arachidonoyl Glycerol (2-AG), Cannabinoid (unspecified), Microbiome

Phytocannabinoid Source:  Unspecified

Chemotype:  Chemotype III

Receptors Studied:  CB1, CB2, GPCR 55, TRPV1, TRPV2, PPAR - Alpha

Ligands Studied:  Acetylcholine, Anti-inflammatory cytokines, Dopamine, GABA, Glutamate, Serotonin, Pro-inflammatory cytokines