A pediatric patient with autism spectrum disorder and epilepsy using cannabinoid extracts as complementary therapy: a case report

Key Findings:  In this single case study physicians report the experience of a 14 year old patient with autism symptoms including selective mutism, anxiety, and controlled epilepsy who responded very well (i.e. positive effects on behavioral symptoms and core social deficits) to a very low dose CBD extract.

Type of Study:  Meta-analysis

Study Sample Size:  1

Study Result:  Positive

Study Location(s):  Canada

Year of Pub:  2020

Cannabinoids Studied:  Cannabidiol (CBD), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

Phytocannabinoid Source:  Cannabis Flower derived

Chemotype:  Chemotype III

Sub-Ratio: 1:20 (THC:CBD)

Dosage: 1:20 (THC CBD) in an olive oil carrier (from CanniMed). His parents were instructed to administer 0.1 mL twice a day (2 mg CBD and 0.1 mg THC) and increase by 0.1 mL (2 mg CBD and 0.1 mg THC) per dose if no effects were shown to a maximum of 0.5 mL (10 mg CBD and 0.5 mg THC) per dose.

Route of Administration:  Oral (Ingestion)

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